The SASMI Plan is the pathway to the protection, restoration and migration of this great expanse of salt marsh. It reflects the culmination of two years of intensive study, dialogue, and deliberations. This includes understanding that while each of the four SASMI states faces many of the same challenges, these challenges likely vary in severity and extent at the state and local levels. Therefore, achieving landscape-scale success with the regional plan will necessitate a tailored approach to the plan’s implementation that is formulated in partnership and coordination with agencies and other partners at the state and local levels. The strategies included in the plan are intended to be a road map for elected officials, state and federal agencies, communities, NGOs, academic partners and others to work together to ensure the long-term abundance, health and resilience of this vital natural resource.


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MARSH FORWARD! A Regional Plan for the Future of the South Atlantic Coast’s Million-Acre Salt Marsh Ecosystem

Media Resources: Click here to access a press release, maps, photos, and b-roll footage.

SASMI Region

SASMI Region map


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